The Team


Jesus Hernandez aka neoclassicjhProgrammer & hivemind
Skilled drinker, MMO high level player, code wizard, enjoys challenging games, former tabletop rpg player, if you can think of something, he can and he will make it.
worked as a freelancer in many companies, likes making websites about babies.
Favorite games: Legend of Zelda, Final fantasy, Diablo & Battlefield series.

Sin título3213

Jaime Cáceres aka paranoic : Level designer & Project Manager
Gamer since the beginning of time, loves map editors, reading the witcher books, Metal guitar player, wrestling & WWE fanatic, skilled CSGO player, Teaches english at a university, likes shooters, strategy and rpgs.
Favorite games are Civilization, Fallout, mount and blade & The Witcher series


Marcelo Cáceres: 3D artist & historic consultant
Know it all guy, historian, knowledgeable in science, Lego enthusiast, knowledgeable in military weapons and vehicles, enjoys sandbox games and creativity, dedicated husband, enjoys reading sci-fi novels
Favorite games, Space engineers, Arma, Stalker, Resident evil series


Anthony Webb: Music Composer
From the UK and educated at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. Plays piano and guitar and enjoys music of all genres. Been a gamer since childhood and is currently playing exclusively on PC.
Favorite games include Portal 1&2, the Elder Scrolls games, the Total War games and the GTA games.