The sapper

One of the things we decided early on during the development of field of arms was to incorporate different gameplay styles so players can enjoy the game the way they want. If you are the kind of player who wants to be in the middle of the battle you can do it or if you prefer to stay back and help your team achieve victory by other means we have many different possibilities to do so.

At the moment there are 8 different classes you can choose from, let’s start talking about one of the most interesting roles in field of arms The sapper

The sapper is a support class who can build fortifications and emplacements to help his team; you have a limited resource pool shared by the team, so be creative, think strategically and build your structures.

You do this by pulling down the deployables menu with the “Q” key, a blueprint of the emplacement will appear highlighting where you can or can’t build. After placing it, you and other sappers can work together to build the fortification.

The sapper can also build a Tent which acts as a spawn point for your team, the maps in Field of arms tend to be very expansive and this can be very useful for building a forward post away from your team starting area.

So go ahead and build! Just be careful of the enemy artillery…

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