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Field of arms

Field of arms is first/third person multiplayer action game set in the 18th century, aiming for historical accuracy by recreating battles that occurred during this period of time. Players will have to work as a team in order to either defend or attack forts during tense battles and sieges.


  • Play as different countries in varied scenarios around the world

– Battle with ranged and melee combat

РChoose between 8 different classes each one with unique gameplay elements: Fusilier, Artilleryman, Engineer and Captain

– Build small and improvised fortifications that change the flow of the battle and give your team tactical advantage

– Deploy Cannons or mortars and rain hell on your opponents

– Be a leader and issue orders to your teammates and lead them to victory

– Explore big maps with multiple objectives and plenty of opportunities for tactics and approaches

– Built on Unreal Engine 4

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